Chat with a board-certified genetic counselor about your DNA.
Learning about your DNA has never been easier. Whether it’s a direct-to-consumer or medical-grade test, you can now get your questions answered from the comfort of your home.
Genetic Testing Labs
Genetic counseling so affordable that you can proactively include it with all test types.
Health Organizations
With the increasing availability of new genetic tests, you need help now more than ever. See how DNAFeed makes incorporating genomics into your physician workflows a breeze.
Genetic Counseling Meets Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is utilized to aid and augment certified genetic counselors and pharmacists, during pre-test, post-test and support services in the following areas:
Cancer Genetics
Family Planning
Direct-to-consumer Genetics
For Genetic Testing Labs
Become an irresistible choice for providers
Integrate a phone, video, chat genetic counseling solution almost instantaneously with modern-day portal and APIs.

Clinicians have access to superpowers, such as AI-powered scheduling and consultation note completion.

Ordering physicians get peace of mind through messaging & chatline connectivity with certified genetic counselors and pharmacists in all 50 states.
For Health Organizations
Get ready to wow  your patients
Unlock the maximum clinical value of genomics into your healthcare workflows.

Let the genetic counselors and pharmacists do the heavy lifting, and free up your physicians' time.

Embrace your patients’ genomics questions, without being overwhelmed.
Finally, genetic counseling as-a-service with simple pricing!
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